Healing • Plant Medicine • Retreat


Our Facilities

Our facilities are simple yet clean, comfortable and secure. Most things take place in our main house including ceremonies. It is a traditional communal space for people to relax in, talk, read rest and grow.


Our Land

We have plenty of outside space with seats, hammocks, a camu camu orchard and the Itaya river to swim in. We are on the doorsteps of the jungle, which means that wildlife is all around is. We can take you on jungle walks to see monkeys and the rest of the flora and fauna!



We pride ourselves on providing wholesome and filling food, whilst adhering to the ayahuasca diet, using fresh local organic produce.  Ayahuasca diet food doesn’t have to be boring and small in size.


Reserve Your Retreat

It is the jungle home of Maestro Don Roman Castillo Pérez and his family, that has been a place of healing for many years, now known as Mamaycuna.