7 Night Ayahuasca Retreat


The 7 night/8 day retreat we hold twice a month, is an intensive retreat for those wanting to do serious personal work on themselves and/or deep healing. We keep our capacity at a maximum of 9 people only. This is so we are able to dedicate enough time to each participant. Everyone is different and we treat everyone on a case by case basis. (Participants with specific illness’s should list them in detail on our application form.) Working with plant medicines is challenging and participants should be sure of their reasons before committing. We are serious and dedicated to the work we do and undertake it with the utmost respect and ethical practice.




  • 4 ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Group sessions
  • Plant Baths
  • Clay Mud Treatment
  • Sound Healing
    • One on one private sessions
    • Talks about medicinal plants and curanderismo.
    • Cooking medicine
    • All meals, accommodation and local transportation

    Some other medicines and treatments may be offered or recommended and may incur a small additional cost, (But under no obligation).


    Accommodation & Rates

    Our facilities are simple yet clean, comfortable and secure. Most things take place in our main house including ceremonies. It is a traditional communal space for people to relax in, talk, read rest and grow. There are various hammocks and a lounge area to relax in and our library for guests to partake of. The accommodation is mostly shared with a mezzanine sleeping area upstairs in the main house and we have tambos (huts) outside that can be single or shared occupancy. There are also working toilets and showers both in the main house and the tambos. All beds have personal mosquito nets and all buildings are mosquito netted for your comfort. Our set up is comfortable but with a back to basics approach. We want each participant to disconnect and to gain the maximum benefits from their time with us.

    The 8 Day Intensive (US$ 750)


    Prepare for your retreat

    It is essential to prepare for your retreat in advance so as much healing can be done whilst present with the plant medicines. Preparation and changes of diet we recommend consist of eating a plant based diet and substaining from drug abuse in all forms, alcohol, coffee, non-essential medication etc.



    During the retreat participants will go through the different treatments and ceremonies. We provide one on one sessions for each person so as to get to know them better and find out exactly what their wants and needs are; physical, emotional and spiritual. We treat everyone as a patient and on a case by case basis. There are various one on one sessions as well as group sessions throughout the week to follow each persons progress, give feed back, answer questions and to better understand the process as a whole.

    For full booking terms and conditions please click here.


    Three weeks notice is required for a cancellation as spots are limited.