Our apprenticeship program is for those who wish to learn traditional amazonian plant spirit shamanism or ‘Curanderismo’ fully for their own personal growth and spiritual development and to be able to help and heal others and serve the greater good.

It requires complete commitment on the part of the apprentice. They will spend much time dieting in isolation and will work closely with Roman & Freddie during the initiation and will participate in many ceremonies also, learning the sacred Icaros, Oraciones (prayers) and Invocations as well as many other techniques and practices.

An apprenticeship is ongoing and it depends on the apprentice how quickly they learn and advance. The minimum amount of time to start an initiation is 3 months and can be completed in one year. Becoming a ‘Maestro Curandero’ takes years of dedication and practice but after a successful initiation each  apprentice will then be ready to work by themselves, as they choose, and truly hone their craft. Contact us for more information regarding apprenticeships.

Please contact us for more information on any of our programs and for customizable options and/or for a consultation  regarding specific illnesses/diseases, treatment options and time frames.