Plant dietas

We offer plant ‘dietas’ for those wishing to go deeper with the medicine and for persons that may require it for sanación’ or deep healing after completing an initial 5 night retreat.

Plant ‘dietas’ are traditionally the way a Curandero or shaman learns directly from the plant by ingesting the plant and certain ‘dons’ or gifts can also be bestowed upon the Curandero so as to aid them in their healing work. It is like a spiritual contract or agreement between the dietero(a) and spirit of the plant.

During the ‘dieta’ the participant or patient will follow a strict diet much the same as the ayahuasca diet but normally eating just once a day, spending their time in isolation in a ‘tambo’ or hut shaded from suns powerful UV rays with little or no talking dedicating their time solely to meditation, prayer, reflection and communion with the plant spirit to allow the learning and healing process to unfold synergistically. It requires resolve and determination on the part of participant and will test and push each person out of their comfort zone at times but ultimately facilitating deep healing, learning and personal growth & development.

‘Dietas’ run for a minimum of one week and can be months long and up to a year generally. First time ‘dietero(a)s’  will start off with shorter ones of up to two weeks moving on to longer diets as they become more familiar with process and as the Maestro feels will be the most beneficial or necessary at that moment. Contact us for more information regarding ‘dietas’