Dear Roman and Freddie,
Thank you both the most magical and life changing week! For gently pushing me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to heal and grow in a place of love and understanding. What you have both created here is really special and you are both masters at what you do. I feel so blessed to have started this life long romance with Ayahuasca with you both, and to have had my unshakable faith in all that is, and how we beat as one, felt and confirmed. Thank you for giving me the strength to continue to create my magical reality! I love you both very much and leave you with all my love.
— Hannah S. UK

Thank you so much for such an incredible experience! For your healing nature and your amazing hospitality. I could never have imagined how beautiful, intense and absolutely life changing this experience has been! Words truly fail to express how much love I have for you all, you will always be with me. Thank you Roman, Freddie, Kelly and everyone who has helped make this such a wonderful part of my life.
— Sioux S. USA

Thank you so much for everything. You took me in as family and treated me with so much love and respect. For this I am forever grateful. You are amazing at this work and I have learned many lessons from you both in such a short time. I look forward to returning soon! Con mucho amor.
— Tyler M. Canada

Thank you so much for the love, wisdom & guidance you have given me since the moment I got here. I can´t believe how much I have grown in just these eight days! I feel more awake and clear than I ever have and I´m excited about taking these lessons with me into my life. Gracias por todo, God Bless.
— Zane C.W. Australia

Thank you for the wonderful, safe environment. This was my third ayahuasca retreat and by for the best experience. You are so kind and loving and your Icaros are beautiful and enchanting. Thanks!
— Sharen R. USA

Wow! Incredible week! The personal growth and development have been unbelievable. My life is forever changed! I now KNOW God exists and is with us! I have gained full trust again and I am glad to be a soldier of light. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Love and appreciation for you all.
— Kyle G. USA

I’ll start by saying thank you for everything. This week has given me many things, it´s been evrything I could have hoped for, needed and more. I´ll forever remember my time here and I look forward to the day I return. Thanks again, love!
— Michael J. USA

My experince has been one of not only realisations but I´ve gained a knowing, which is felt within my heart. My essence has been stripped down to the soul level and seeds have been planted. I feel now I am going to be a better Mum, friend, daughter, healer and kínder to myself. Roman and the family here have been amazing, warm, kind, generous & full of wisdom. I thank you all from the bottom and my heart and the food was delicious. Freddie you are a super star and I love you dearly, friends for life! You guys are real healers and I love you all.
— Amie M. UK
Thank you for my experience here Roman and the Mamaycuna family. It was certainly an eye opening and life changing experience. I see and think with more clarity and feel more determined than ever now. My body and mind feel refreshed and amazing. I´m glad I met Freddie here too, he is an inspirational and incredible guy. I feel blessed to habe met you all and to feel like family. I´m extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity.
— Tim W. Australia
This was truly an amazing experience! I discovered the massive amount of gratitude I have for my life amd have recieved so much advice and learnt so much. Maestro Roman not only made us all feel safe and respected but also had only the best intentions for each of us. The whole crew and facilities were perfect also. I learnt I can fly and will continue to do so! I could write a whole book about this week! Gracias for a life changing experience!
— Luke R. Australia
This is a place of light, a place where love dwells and the sun resides.
A place where people come and souls arise, a place to put ego aside.
Open your heart and the mother will open her arms and open your mind to the universe.
— Cailan De M. Australia
There is no word to describe this medicine and this place as it is something that simply cannot be described, as it is too perfect, too magical, too other worldly. My first retreat and it was truly beautiful and enlightening. Thank you both for your guidance.
— Kim C. Canada
Thank you Maestro Roman and Freddie for your white medicine and the love in the ceremonias. I have had the good fortune to have met you but I only wish it could have happened sooner! I can feel that you are a true ´curandero´ Roman, who works for the benefit of his pacients and their health and needs. I felt comfortable and at peace the enitre tiem here and in each ceremony. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— John C. USA
Thank you for being with me during my time here and the ceremonias. For guiding me through the spiritual world. Your Icaros helped me to be with myself but to not lose control. Your words during the ´limpiezas´touched my soul and I felt light coming to every dark spot that was left in my soul. Thank you so much!
— Christian P. Germany
My world is rocked once again. As the hours pass I feel more and more understanding and acceptance. As i work on my surrender I feel pure trust in the science, the medicine and I know I´m getting closer with each passing momento. I feel love and peace and beauty with the knowledge that this will continue and continue and continue! Your space is so full of light and true love. I instantly felt safe from the momento I arrived. I feel immensly grateful and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all!
— Jessica A. USA
On this retreat I experienced fear, shame, nerves and wonder and so much more! I was able to do so feeling safe and secure and for that I thank you! Thank you for helping me open locked doors and visit rooms I didn´t know existed! You have given me the tools to knock down the remaining walls and that is a huge gift. Your singing is beautiful and I could feel it in every inch of my body. Thank you giving me and everyone the safe and reassuring feeling because it helps us in ways we don´t even realice. Thanks again.
— Robijn V. Netherlands
I´m forever thankful for my unforgettable experience at Mamaycuna. I hadn´t anticipated I would have had such a diificult time in the beggining but the love and warmth and overwhelming support I got from Roman and Freddie got me through it. Freddie is truly a blessing to this family as well and his help and support was amazing and beautiful. I feel I can start living my life truly happy and free! Much love.
— Geraldine M. Ireland