Maestro Roman was born in the jungle near Iquitos but moved to the city at an early age. He started working with ayahuasca at the age of fourteen and began training with his Maestro, undertaking rigorous plant 'dietas' for months at a time, staying alone in the jungle and working with ayahuasca and many other plants. He had found his true calling and once his training was complete he proceeded to work by himself curing the local population of many illnesses and also traveling extensively throughout Perú working with many people. In more recent years he was sought out by many of the foreigners coming to heal and learn from Ayahuasca and the plants and has worked at many of the 'gringo' owned centers over the years but still always works with the local population and helps many of the young kids stay away from gangs, alcohol and drugs by working with the medicine. He has thoroughly honed his skills as a 'Maestro Curandero’ for over 50 years now and has an encyclopedic knowledge of medicinal plants and traditional medicine. He is a humble and generous man with a cheeky sense of humor and an immense amount of love. He now dedicates his time to Mamaycuna where he happily awaits you.

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Freddie is originally from the cotswolds area of England and has been living in Perú for the past 13 years and holds dual citizenship. He first came to South America backpacking with a friend after becoming disillusioned with life in the UK and never went back. After many years battling with severe drug addiction, mental health problems and deep traumas he found Ayahuasca and the plants here 10 years ago and began to gradually heal himself. He met Roman a few years later and continued his healing journey and started to study with Roman and has now been his long term apprentice for the past 5 and a half years. Freddie coordinates and runs the retreats and programs at Mamaycuna and supports Roman as assistant curandero also. He is a competent student of philosophy, mysticism, spiritual practices, herbology and natural medicine. He lives in Iquitos with his wife and children where they organize and support various community projects and he is also a founding member of the Ayahuasca Safety Association. Freddie and the rest of the team are on hand make your time with us as rewarding and beneficial as possible.



Kelly is Roman's wife and mother of their two daughters, Molly and Talina. Kelly is the mother at Mamaycuna and is also our chef, preparing delicious food for our patients, using fresh local organic produce and adhering to the ayahuasca diet. Kelly varies the menu depending on what ingredients are available as we buy fresh each day and also serves sizable portions for each of our guests. Ayahuasca diet food doesn't have to be bland and small in size and we pride ourselves on the food we serve thanks to Kelly.



Gherson is from Yurimaguas in Alto Amazonas and is our resident handy man and guard. He manages the grounds at Mamaycuna taking care of the daily tasks, building, fixing, and generally taking care of the place. He lives on site with his partner Soyli and their young son Gherson Jr. He is a great guy, young and enthusiastic yet noble and humble and we are lucky to have him with us!



Soyli is Gherson’s partner and mother to their young son. She mainly helps Kelly in the kitchen and also helps attend to the daily chores around the house (as well as taking care of Gherson Jr.!) She is sweet and slightly timid but always happy to help in any way and we are lucky to have her also!
We also have varios facilitators that work with us at different times and other healing professionals that may be called in as and when required.